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Due to its cheap cost of labor Romania was targeted by most multi-national companies which have setup hubs for production, marketing and development in different areas of the country. Most business offices however reside in Romania’s capital Bucharesti (Bucuresti) ranging from financial institutions, FMCG companies, media companies, etc.

In Bucharest there are jobs for everybody: you can find a job as a secretary/Personal Assistant to Engineers, IT people, accountants, managers, and CEOs. This is one of the reasons why most students come to Bucharest to study, they get a bigger opportunity to find a job during their education time or after they have finished their degree. There are good and really good universities outside Bucharest (such as Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Constanta) but the lack of industry specific work places leads graduates back to Bucharest (if they do not go abroad after their studies).

All income in Romania is discussed as in net income. Nobody talks about gross income, mainly due to the fact that everybody pays more or less the same taxes regardless of how much or how little money they earn. Therefore we will not be dealing with taxes in this article.

The minimum (net) wage / salary for an 8 hour a day – 5 days a week job  in Romania in 2012 is 700 ron 850 ron (since the 1st of January 2014, planned to be 900 lei by the end of the year) which is about 188 euro. That’s very little if you are living in Bucharest (and not only). Even for other smaller cities this income will not get you far. Usually, this income is earned by students or people without any university degree (cleaning ladies and the such).


Taking into consideration that the cost of living in Bucharest is relatively high (when compared to other cities in the country) the lowest salary one can expect is around 1000 ron – which is 227 Euro.

At the opposite pole specialists and entry-level managers (with no team or small teams) earn from 700 to 1500 euro, CFOs should take home around 2000-3000 euro and CEOs from 3500 and beyond.

In order to better understand what you can do with this money you should checkout the cost of living in Bucharest page.

If you are planning to live here and are being offered more than 3000 euro / month you should be good on your way to living a decent life. Of course, depending on your lifestyle you could get around for a lot less than this, as many inhabitants of this city actually do.

Other cities

The average, most commonly heard of salary in the rest of Romania is between 1500 and 3000 ron (340 Euro – 680 Euro) depending on industry and experience however there are some cases where you can earn more than 1000 euro too. It depends a lot on where you are going to work and what you are going to do.

Finding jobs in Romania

I personally recommend and While you might find that some jobs appear in both job portals, some jobs only appear in one place so check out both of them.

Alternatively you can contact a headhunting agency and depending on your skills you could end up getting a job faster than randomly applying on job portals.


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  1. How much would a rugby player playing for Bucharest expect to earn a
    month ?

    • Depends a lot really. If you are playing for a major club, the income could be in the area of several thousand EURO’s. Rugby is however not a very popular sport in Romania, hence the players are not very known or famous.

  2. What is the salary for a IT professional with 9 yrs of experience in Bucharest

    • Depends a lot what kind of IT you are into and what position you aim for (or have). I would estimate a minimum of 1000 Euro but should you work for a corporate entity in a middle management position it could also get you up to 3000 Euro.

  3. As a undergraduate student landing in Bucharest, I’d be working part time. I’m fluent in English and i want to know how much i can earn part time to support my studies, what’s the working limit for me?

    • Depending on the job you’d fulfill you could be looking at 150-350 Eur. English only are hard to find in Bucharest for entry level applicants.

  4. What would be the avarage salary for Business Analyst in Banking?

    Is it worth to relokate to Romania?

    • Well, it really depends where you are moving from and what you are earning at this time. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this number (as I’m no expert in banking jobs) but I would say that you could earn up to 1200 Euro. But that’s just my take on it.

  5. HI: HOw much Senior product manager and director of product management can expect in IT company?

  6. How much could be a good income in Romania for an Operational Director?
    Do you have any idea of taxes, if I get 100 how much is my net income that I can take as liquid amount?

    • Eddy, it depends on the industry and on the company size. Roughly guessing I would say between 2500 Eur and 5000 Eur NET (that’s after taxes, liquid amount that you can take home). Your brutto (as in amount before taxes would be 40% higher than that). Mind that in Romania everybody perceives wage in NET rather than brutto. You should not care as much as how much the taxes are, as the employer is required to pay those both on his and on your account. You do not get any deduction for those taxes either.

  7. I am looking for a romanian webpage, where I can compare salaries on various working positions. I can´t find out this kind of webpage, international webpages are not enough for me. Can you help me?

    • Hi, Oldo! I don’t think such a website exists in Romania. You can try Glassdoor though, might help. Salaries are usually regarded as being a confidential information so not a lot of people disclose theirs easily.

  8. Hello,

    I’m Swedish native and work within Customer Support and Content right now. How much do you think I should ask for in general? I work for a middle sized international company right now (about 50 employees in Bucharest, another 250 or so abroad).
    Also I might be promoted to senior/team leader within customer support, how much do you think I should ask for in the case of these promotions?

    In the future I’m aiming even higher and some people have said I might be a business manager, how much do these earn in general in Bucharest?

    Thanks a lot in advance, I might have further questions later!

    • Hi Robert and thanks for stopping by. Usually people employed in Customer Support centers receive an average monthly sallary or wage of about 350-500 euro (that’s net, take home money, not brutto) for romanian speakers. In your new position as team leader you might earn up to 1000 euro, depending on your responsabilities and the wage matrix of each company. However, please do take my estimations with a grain of salt, as they are based on my experience on this market. It could be, that in your company, given the nature of your work and your work responsabilities the actual compensation and benefits package to vary. Taking into consideration that you live in Bucharest, I advise you to aim for the 1000+ eur mark, since the costs of living here might prove challenging with a 500 eur income (unless you don’t plan to share a flat and cook at home all the time). It would be interesting if you could share your current income bracket and your expectations given your experience here.

      • When I came here in February I had no prior experience or education within the area, my starting salary was 3500 lei net. This has since increased to 4000 lei net after I asked for a raise. They also mentioned that it can increase even more within a reasonable future.

        After the summer I might be promoted and this is why I ask what kind of salary I should possibly aim for. I’m almost at the €1000 net mark and I hope that getting a team leader role will solidify atleast that, but I’m not really satisfied with that small of an increase for such a role.

        What do you think?

        • Hi again Robert. Your starting salary was obiviously above the starting grid for such a position. I believe that being a Swedish native hepled a lot. As far as my experience goes, having two wage upgrades in one year in Romania is uncommon. Of course, having a better wage helpes a lot but receiving another (susbstantial) raise in such a short time is not realistic. With the information at hand, I would aim for the 1500 eur mark for the end of the year, if I was you. I think that would be a decent timing. It really depends on the context of your present employment status (how many other native speakers are in your team, if you consider yourself to be a key person in the team, etc).

          • We have a part of the Swedish team that live in a western European country too, with obviously higher salaries than us.
            But here in Bucharest I am the only native and I train all the new people here. I know for a fact that the manager of Customer Support likes and trusts me a lot.

            1500€ Net at the end of the year would be a very good aim. As this is my first job I’m very unsure of when and how much to ask for. They have said that 1500€ net and beyond is very possible but they want to increase it in a natural way, which is pretty vague.

            At the end of the summer/beginning of fall I will probably be promoted, at that time I will ask for a higher salary of course, how much would you propose is a good idea? Then I can ask again before the year is over to possibly reach close to or at €1500.

          • If I was you (looking at the current ~880 Eur you are making), I would negotiate for 1000 Eur net for the end of the year and another increase up to 1300 maybe sometime in Q3 2016. But this would just be my approach. :) I think this is what your company might also define as “natural way”. Usually, companies award up to 15% raise in one year for their employees, depending on individual performance and company performance.

  9. Hi, I wanted to know that how much I can earn by working part time to support my studies as I’m fluent in English & I will be coming to study Bachelors of Hotel Management at American Hotel Management in Brasov

    • Hi Agha. Depends where you would be working part time (industry, level, etc). I would ballpark it at around 700-800 lei (that’s max 170-180 eur) for Brasov but, again it depends on what you would do.

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