Utilities cost in Bucharest

If you just moved (or planning to move) to Bucharest, in a new flat or house, here are a few things you should know about your service providers, from Internet, to cable tv, electricity (power) or gas. You are in real luck though. Most utilities are really cheap and the quality is quite good when compare to the rest of the EU. We’ll start up with internet.


Here are your choices:

RCS – RDS – aim for the 300 Mbps (approx 6.2 Euro incl VAT) or the 500 Mbps (approx 8.6 Euro) / month package. It will be more than you need. You will need a wireless router but their connection is the most stable and their intervention times are usually really good.

Telekom – aim for the “L” package (8.4 Euro incl VAT/month). It’s 500 Mbps and it includes a wireless router.

UPC – take the 200 Mbps package (14 Euro incl VAT/month). It also includes a wireless router.

These 3 providers cover most of Bucharest. Of course there’s other tons of smaller providers, and even 4G modem choices from nation-wide operators like Vodafone or Orange. If you can choose though, go for the top choice. You will not regret it.



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