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Cost of fuel in Romania

UPDATED!!! Fuel (gasoline and diesel) has been on the up climb in the past couple of years. Although Romania produces its own fuel (following its extractions in the Black Sea) the cost per liter is not far…

Cost of living in Bucharest

This report provides guidance on cost of living in Bucharest for 2011 – 2015. In general, prices for basic necessities such as food, clothing, public transport, basic education and utilities in Bucharest are quite moderate….

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Salary in Romania

Due to its cheap cost of labor Romania was targeted by most multi-national companies which have setup hubs for production, marketing and development in different areas of the country. Most business offices however reside in Romania’s capital…

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Hotel Ibis Bucharest

Ibis Hotels are usually are regarded as being in the low-mid range, looking good but most often with smaller than expected rooms. Bucharest features 2 Ibis hotels, one located near the Palace of Parliament the…