Things to see

If you’re up for a city tour these are a few of the things you should not miss while in Bucharest:


The Palace of the Parliament – Casa Poporului

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania is a multi-purpose building containing both chambers of the Romanian Parliament. According to the World Records Academy, the Palace is the world’s largest civilian building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building.
The Palace was designed and nearly completed by the Ceaușescu regime as the seat of political and administrative power. Nicolae Ceaușescu named it the House of the Republic (Casa Republicii), but many Romanians call it the People’s House (Casa Poporului).

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Museum of the Village

Museum of the village in Bucharest is one of the first open air museums in the world and is one of the main attractions in Bucharest. Located in the Herastrau park in green area it features over 70 households with traditional tools from all over the country.

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